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Booklet Photo, Copenhagen, Denmark

While central Copenhagen is relatively small and quite walkable, most visitors will find that there is need to use some public transport. Over a four-day period, my wife and I used the train, Metro, bus and harbour buses. The great news is that with Copenhagen Cards, we travelled free each time. That not only saved cost but also time. There was no queuing for tickets and no deciding about how to pronounce the required destination. We discovered that the card covered an area way outside the city so we could visit regional attractions such as Elsinore, Hillerod and Rockilde. We had 72-hour cards and would thoroughly recommend them even at the cost of around $85.

The card has several other attractions however. More than 60 museums and attractions that normally charge an entry fee are free with the card. It also offers discounts on many other attractions, activities, restaurants, car rental and on Scandlines’ crossing between Demark and Sweden. It even provided free travel to and from Copenhagen airport.

Obviously, the value of the card to you depends on how many attractions you visit and how many transport tickets you avoid. On a rough count, we would have needed to buy about 12 transport tickets each at a cost of around $4-5 each. We also visited something like 10 museums and other attractions which normally charge up to $12 each. Then add about 4 discounted purchases and you see we got good value. But even if we had only broken even, the convenience was wonderful and was probably worth at least $25 to us.

A real bonus is the Guide that you get with the card. It is in Danish, English and German and it contains maps pinpointing where all the participants in the scheme are located, rail and bus route maps, and tour suggestions depending on your interests. Then there is a complete listing of all attractions, restaurant, shop, etc. that offers value to the card. Each has a detailed description so you can see if it is of interest to you. If you only visited things mentioned in this book, you would probably see and do every worthwhile thing in the Copenhagen region. If you wanted to check out everything it would take you much longer than 72 hours, however. The way the information is presented is excellent. There are many similar cards in cities around the world but the booklet with this card is probably the best and most comprehensive I have ever seen. Full marks to Wonderful Copenhagen for this.

There is also a 24-hour card available at 229 Dk or around $45 but you would really need to be very organised to make full use of that

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