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Transport around precinct

Airport T-Bus Photo, Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Domestic and International terminals are located 2kms apart. It is too far and not convenient to walk. Current access between terminals is via Airtrain, TBus or, if you are prepared to put up with the abuse, by taxi.

The Airtrain, which is operated by a private company, has a connection between the Domestic and International terminals. Price per adult is AUD 5.00 one way while Kids travel free! The big problem with the train is that services stop about 8pm while flights continue to arrive and depart until nearly mid-night.

TBus offers connection between the Domestic and International Terminals. Bus stops are located outside the Qantas and Virgin Blue arrivals hall at the Domestic Terminal, and, outside the arrivals hall at the International. Price per person is AUD 5.00 (children under 4 travel for free)

The train is of little use if you want to go elsewhere in the precinct. Fortunately, the hotel and shopping precinct is easily reached from the airport terminals. There is a hotel shuttle to the Novotel Hotel which operates during morning and evening peak periods from the domestic and international terminals. This costs $5 each way.

Better still is the free T-bus shopping shuttle that operates every 20 minutes from the terminals to the shopping precinct from 6.30am till 6.00pm. This is easy to find and it terminates at the airport village about 100 metres from the hotel.

Taxis are a problem. I have used a taxi in the past between terminals because there was no other available transport and I have suffered abuse and complaints from drivers who claim they have been waiting an hour or more for a fare and the few dollars to get to the other terminal is not worth their effort. The same thing has happened when I have asked to go further but still within the airport. Imagine how you would feel if you were a visitor to Brisbane for the first time. I would get back on a plane and leave.

While I can sympathize with them, I regard this as just part of the system and it certainly isn’t the passengers fault. My current attitude is that I will not use a taxi unless all other options are closed off. With the TBus now operating, it has dramatically helped the situation.

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