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Final Words

At every trip, I thank God for the resources I have to travel and see places I’ve never seen before. Best yet, I believe traveling opens your eyes to other cultures, other peoples, other countries and other possibilities. Sometimes, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it), it makes you thankful for what you have today and what you have at home. Because sometimes, Americans tend to think that the entire world is there for their taking, all the worlds should cater to them and the entire world is ignorant unless they adopt the American way of thinking. Sometimes, I think, just because America is the #1 economy of the world that we know everything and everyone should do what we do. In the contrary, after this trip, you learn that the greatest civilization comes and goes. Great civilizations has its peak and be wary that we, as Americans, are already at the peak of our success. Be wary, be humble and be accepting. One day, America will not be so great and we will then miss what we have today and wonder where it has all gone.

In closing, my final advice for this trip. Close your eyes, breath deep and think of all what you have today. Think of your job or whatever your vocation is and think how lucky you are to even have a job. Think about your wife, husband, spouse, friend or significant other and thank them for loving you today. Think of all what you have and thank God, Allah or whoever you pray to for what you have because I learned in this trip that in Islam, God has predetermined the amount of time you have in this life. God only knows. So thank God for all you have and for all what you have seen and learned.
Salam alekum! Peace be with you!

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