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Security Precautions: Take Photos of Your Documents and Credit Cards

A couple of things I did for security before I left the U.S. to protect myself in the unlikely event that something happened like I get pick pocketed or I lost my passport.

1. I took my smartphone and its camera and took photos of my credit cards that I was bringing (both sides so you have the collect call number of each credit card company) and emailed it to myself.

2. I took a very legible photo of my passport on my smartphone both the outside and the first page (where my photos and details are) and again, emailed them to myself.

Why my smart phone camera as oppose to a regular camera? I signed up for an unlimited plan on my phone before I left. My smart phone will be my emergency phone for the duration of the trip. I had a blackberry bold with AT&T and each place I went including the ship had signal and I received emails and data. Anyway, the reason why I took the photos using my smart phone is that I have those photos of my credit cards and passports in my smart phone to show people in case of emergency. If I get pick pocketed, I doubt they'll pick pocket both front pockets. I put my money clip and credit cards in one front pocket while I have my smart phone in another.

Why email it to myself? Well, in case you get robbed and they take both the phone and wallet, you can find your way to the ship somehow or get into an internet cafe, access your email (where the photos of our credit cards are sent) and read them out to cancel them.

Printing them out on paper and taking them with you just gets them lost and crumpled up. In case of an emergency, you can still use the photo of your passport to at least try to enter the U.S. Embassy as oppose to nothing at all.

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