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Dining is something that we all do. I have to admit to a bit of a passion about it. If you have never really seen a bad review from me it is because I love food and if a restaurant disappoints I refuse to give it the publicity that a bad review provides. Instead I usually just ignore it. The same is true for most chain restaurants with a few exceptions. In this journal I did review one restaurant from a small local chain. When a restaurant always meets or exceeds your expectations, it deserves to get the publicity.

Plan B, Glastonbury CT
This restaurant is part of a very small local chain. It is just a phenomenal place to eat as is witnessed by the almost constant crowd of people eating there. That leads to the only real gripe I have with them and that is the noise level. It is quite astounding. We just returned again this past weekend and tried something new, the cheese fondue. Four of us shared this luscious treat and between the par-cooked green beans, the tater tots, apples and the soft pretzels, we all ate as much as we wanted, even my youngest granddaughter Sydney who was a big fan of their apples, which by the way were crispy, tart granny smiths.

Barley Creek Brewing Company Tannersville PA
Barley Creek was probably the most disappointing of the restaurants in this journal. Not because they were bad, they weren’t but I prefer great and maybe it was just the choice of food that I choose that left me a little disappointed. Al certainly had no complaints about his steak and my wings were cooked perfectly they just needed to have a little more flavor, I have very high standards for my wings and these were just a little bland. Aero Diner

Windham CT
This diner on the other hand was the biggest surprise. Great food in a nondescript diner, in a town where nothing is outstanding. It was one of those accidental finds that you want to return to and we will. The French fries were perfect and though there isn’t too much that can go wrong with a hotdog, these were memorable. You need to know where it is because it is very easy to just pass it by in the clutter of strip malls around it.

Ron’s Diner Hamlin PA
Ron’s was another surprise. We had eaten at his previous location and been unimpressed. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to try it again but the weekend breakfast buffet was just too good of a deal and really there is a dearth of good restaurants for breakfast in this area. I often just make it at the cottage because why pay for mediocre? This breakfast is worth returning for more than once. It was filling but also unique and had great flavors and even a good cup of coffee.

These are some of my more recent dining adventures. There are many more where these came from so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming journals.

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