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1st of 4 Sea Days and also Formal Night

Remember that the cruise itinerary is a 13-Day Holy Land Cruise which includes 4 Sea Days.

This is the first of four of them and it is also the first formal night.

The cruise was uneventful. We simply relaxed on-board to get prepared for the sites that we are about to see the next couple of weeks.

DRINK PACKAGES – I normally purchase a standard soda package since my wife and I like diet sodas during the cruise. This particular cruise had several drink packages… soda only package, bottle water only package, a "classic" non-alcohol beverage package, "premium" non-alcohol beverage package, "classic" alcohol beverage package and "premium" non-alcohol beverage package. Confusing isn’t it? Each package has varying per day pricing PLUS a 15% tip on top of that. For example, the classic non-alcohol beverage package includes all sodas (fountain and the entire can, standard bottle water (Italian brand bottle water as oppose to Evian brand) and all coffees (Lattes, café mochas etc) including the one in the Café Bacio (their version of Starbucks) for $13 per day + 15% tip which comes out to be $14.95 per day for a total trip of $194.35. OUCH! Well if you drink a lot of soda, frapuccinos, lattes and all sorts of premium coffee drinks, I guess this is worth it but that is A LOT to drink given that each soda costs $3 a pop plus each premium coffee like Latte’s etc. cost about $6 a pop, you do the math. If it works out, great then do so. If not, I don’t recommend it.

By the way, if you are trying to figure out when will Formal Nights be on the ship, it is the first 3 AT SEA days of the itinerary. The 2nd to the last Formal Night is lobster dinner night so don't miss it!!

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