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Boarding the Celebrity Equinox at Civitavecchia

Celebrity Equinox Photo, Rome, Italy

Again, the port city name of where the ship will depart is Civitavecchia (pronounced Chi-tah-ve-kia) just in case you can't pronounce it and you get lost, you'll know how to pronounce it in Italian.

After our panoramic tour of Rome, my wife and I were taken directly to the port. It was very fast, easy and without incident. Checking-In is a breeze.

RECOMMENDATION: Celebrity offers online express check-in that allows you to pre-fill out forms etc. online without all that hassle when you get to the cruise terminal. If you don’t, expect a 30 minute check-in process. We did online express check-in and we check-in within 10 minutes. One thing to mention during checking-in is that they will check your passports and THEY WILL COLLECT THEM from you and you won’t see it until day Day 8 (Alexandria, Egypt). Don’t freak out! I overheard a couple of Americans just absolutely in arms about surrendering their passports which is silly. Given the fact that the itinerary included Turkey, ISRAEL and EGYPT, they are simply making it easier for you to get your Visas prepared. Yes, U.S. Citizens do require a visa in both Turkey and Egypt but the cruise ship will take care of it for you, hence the surrendering of your passport upon check-in. There is no cost to the visas. Just let the cruise handle it for you. They have done this a hundred times.

The ship left on-time at 6pm local time and we ate a wonderful dinner on-board in the dining room. We also saw their inaugural show at the Equinox Theater which was ok. I think it was geared towards the Boomers so my wife and I didn’t relate… (I’m a Gen X and my wife is Gen Y) but we expected it.

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