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A note on how I decided to travel

For my 13-Night Holy Land Cruise on Celebrity Equinox (Oct. 5 Sailing), you're not just going to hang around the ship or just grab cabs from the port. Going to harder to reach places like Israel and Egypt tends to be a bit scary at first so I took the easy way out and decided to purchase a fairly luxurious cruise and arrange for organized tours. It isn’t the cheapest way but it is a "safe" way to go at the time I booked it. What I mean about "safe" - if you are reading this and you carry a U.S. Passport, the things you worry about is security, terrorist attacks, getting kidnapped, killed and so on. In fact, I was planning to take this cruise with a few of my friends but they backed out because they were scared of this same reason. I had all the same fears when I began, I promise you. However, as you read this detailed journal, you will find that all these fears are nothing more than bad information, rumors and over exaggeration.

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