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Best Travel Destinations in Italy

If you have never, never ever, been to the boot-shaped country that is Italy, then you are certainly missing out on one of the most, and I mean most, astonishing countries in Europe, no, let me change that, the world. One can visit any of the places, below mentioned, and have the best-ever possible experience in Italy.

Rome, the capital of the great Roman Empire roughly two centuries ago, and is the capital of modern Italy, possesses the most distinctive history of any city in Europe. The city bears an appealing, not to mention fascinating, combination of old as well as new buildings. One can still witness the ruins from the Roman Empire in the heart of said the city.

Speaking of ruins, visitors flock to behold of the Colisseum and the Palatinate, also called the palace grounds of the emperors. And let us not forget the remains of ancient aqueducts as well as other buildings.

Other captivating sites in Rome include, among others, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, and the Spanish steps. Additionally, one can explore the largest Catholic church, St. Peter's Basilica, in the world in Vatican City.

However, if you are inclined to experience the small-town-feel, you may opt to visit Cinque Terre, which means "Five Lands" located on the northwestern coast of Italy. Cinque Terre boasts a series of five small towns situated on the Mediterranean Sea. One can hike through all five towns, beginning with Riomaggiore, Manarola, then Corniglia and Vernazza. The last stop would be at Monterosso al Mare. And because Cinque Terre is on the coast, one can get some tan and spend some time on any of the abundant rocky beaches.

Next in line is Venice, located in the northeastern part of Italy, is really one of a kind. For more than a thousand years, this spellbinding city was constructed entirely on water. I mean, if one enters the city thru train, and upon leaving the station, one will notice the canals, which serve as the lifeblood of the city. If one wishes, one can catch a ferry that navigates the Grand Canal and past the famed Rialto Bridge and down to St. Mark's Basilica. Just be certain to try the gondolas while you are there. As for the prices, these vary depending on the gondolier.

Pompeii, which is only a short drive from Naples, is renowned for having been blanketed in meters of ash from the destructive eruption of Mount Vesuvius back in 79 AD. And for history fanatics, Pompeii has gradually been excavated over time since its unearthing in the 1700s, and parts of the city are now open to the public. Definitely, taking the tour leaves an impression as well as provides a good understanding of what life was in ancient Rome.

Visiting any of the four cities will present the tourists with one of the best travel experiences in Italy.

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