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Whoever and whenever somebody visits this spectacular city of Austria and also its Capital can't leave without visiting the Mozart's Gardens. The flowers are watered all the year and specialists gardeners take care of them all the seasons in order to feel proud when the visitors would see them.

In front of the Rathaus = marehouse of the city which is built in a greek architectural style,
the gardens ornament it and also ornament the Rathaus. They are fabulus and as a first sign in the middle of them they have the musical key of the note sol made also from flowers. All the surrounding is full always of visitors and pretty big streets for pedestrians
and for carriages if somebody wants a ride with a wienese carriage in german is called Landau.

All the environment of Wien is pretty peaceful and the gardens make it or better transformed the city in another marvelous one European station that attracts you and say stay in me because everything here are great. And indeed with all the green environment
that Wien and especially all Austria offers openhanded why anybody to feel the stress of
all the other big cities and to get upset? There everything is calling you to enjoy life and to
have fun going anywhere you want.

For almost 2 hrs. i was standing in front of the Mozart's Gardens and i didn't want to leave
them because despite that i adore the flowers these gardens is a masterpiece of art and a lot of work pretty well done and very carefully made. There you can imagine how the original Austrian miraculous kid-musician left behind him all these spectacular and huge music work that we hear it today and it'll never die through the coming centuries.

I was obliged finally to leave the gardens and with my last look i greated them saying thanks to all these people who worked in order to make the dream reality. By Wien and gardens i'll see you again.

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