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Time to say good bye Photo, Columbia, South Carolina

John and I made a return trip to this amazing capital city for the weekend. While our first day was one disaster after another, it ended on a terrific note.

After a side trip to the muffler shop, we headed to Adventure Carolinas to take an intertubing trip. It turned out to be 3 hours of hello without the o! The company its self is great. It is just this intertubing trip isn’t anything like the ones found at the lazy rivers at the theme parks (imagine that). By the end were cold, tired, and ready to leave by any means possible.

We were here mainly to visit the wonderful Columbia Museum of Art . This time we were here for their stunning exhibit, Imperial Splendor…Renaissance Tapestries form Vienna . These amazing tapestries are just simply stunning and have managed to hold up despite their age. I also wanted to see their new Chihuly instillation . As with all Dale’s work, it was simply breathtaking.

After our disaster that was our intertubing trip, John and I stopped in at Tony’s Pizza to fill us up before we went into our hotel and crashed for the night. The pizza was amazing and much needed.

Before heading out on Sunday, we stopped off at The Rib House for some rocking ribs. I even had some left over that evening for dinner.

After we left the museum and before our stop at the Rib House, we stopped in at Cupcakes for some divine eatable works of art. These cupcakes are just ooohhhh so yummy. And I also recommend their Charleston SC location if your travels have you that way.

This time we would stay the Residence Inn which is part of the Marriott family. Our room was amazing and that bed…oh my. After the day we had we dove right in and hardly moved for the rest of the night.

If you’re ever in Columbia just stop by and enjoy the grounds of the SC State Capital Building . There were plenty of people enjoying the grounds on this beautiful day. It is a great place to photograph and wile away a few minutes if you arrive before the museum opens up.

One place I do not recommend is Gotham Bagel Café . I had eaten here when it was another restaurant on a prior visit. I wasn’t too impressed but I said I would give it another try before declaring it not recommended. Well I did and now I am not recommended it. It is right across from the museum and by the time we walked back from the courthouse I was dying of thirst and my throat was killing me as I had my tonsils removed some months prior. I was just trying to get a drink. There is a crowd waiting to order food, so I just grab my drink and go to the line to pay. There are 3 girls in front of me. An employee comes out an announces something is wrong with their stove and the can not cook anything. I could care less since I just wanted me drink. It took forever to ring these 3 girls up. Then I am next and the employee walks off and starts helping someone else. So I promptly put my drink back in the cooler and walked out. And will never step foot in the place no matter what.


First start of by going to the visitor’s website at and looking around or order a visitors guide.

This is a great place for a meeting or a sports weekend. It is also a great place to just get away. Don’t think it is just the capitol of the state, it is also a fun, awesome place. John and I have made several trips here and have yet to see the same thing twice. Except for the art museum, but I am always seeing a new exhibit.

It is a college town, so during game time (especially if you’re going to see the Gamecocks play) you will need to plan well in advanced. The same with attending anything at nearby Ft. Jackson.

For more ideas read my previous journals. I have lots of great ideas and I still have one more to go!!

Getting around

Columbia airport ( is about 20 minutes from downtown. You can pick up a rental car here and there are several locations throughout Columbia to pick up rental cars. If you are flying in and will be staying downtown you will be ok since most everything you need can be found downtown. But if you are venturing beyond downtown you will need a car. If you are going to Ft. Jackson you will certainly need a car.

Once you here you can get around by foot, car, canoe, or kayak. Just forget about intertube!

Like most other cities, parking can be a pain in the downtown area. Make sure you have change with you and the meters are paid meters (except on Sunday and holidays). There are a number of parking lots in the area as well.

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