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A real jewel of Costa del Sol

Plaza de Toros Photo, Mijas, Spain

Mijas - one of several "white towns", so named because of the dazzling white walls - a real jewel of Costa del Sol.
The main symbol of Mijas - Donkey-Taxi.
But no one is notable for the donkeys of Mijas - here are just two important Catholic places.
The Church of the Immaculate Conception on the hilltop, where you can get only on foot. It is believed that if a man to sin will do a lap on the way urban churches to the church on the hill, all his sins will be forgiven.
Another legend associated with a statuette of the Virgin Mary in a grotto.
According to legend, the statue of the Madonna, dressed in a beautiful brocade dress, was discovered in 1586 by local mason's children, which led to a hidden from prying eyes pigeon grotto.
We arrived in Mijas in the evening and were pretty surprised by the huge amount of raznaryazhennyh people with bouquets of flowers in their hands, moving the church to the Madonna. First, we even thought that there is a wedding and did not want to bother, but it turned out that it was a celebration in honor of the statues, patron saint of the city, for whose sake it's stunning silver stretcher was carried out of the cave.
Another attraction of Mijas gallery of local photographer Jesús Jaime Mota, who was little hometown, so he went to travel. And not some out there, but to the very real Africa, whence he returned with stunning photographs. So, if fate will throw you in Mijas, be sure to visit his gallery.

In Mijas many shops with ceramics. Eyes just run away:)
You can not visit Mijas and look at the old Plaza de Toros.

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