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This fabulus and tranquil city in the end of Austria at the state of Steirmark, is one of
my favorites after Wien and my hotel whenever i go is always the same the ERZERZOG
hotel because it makes you travel back in time with the luxury it offers, the pretty nice
receptionists ready to facilitate you any time and the nice environment in there.

All the cities of Austria are pretyy nice but for me Graz remains in my mind aii the time
because its human, nice, easy, calm and the people have so many interests about art,
and especially music.

When the last time i visited it i asked for a room i was given a very pretty one - as always and i started unpacking. When i finished shower and so on. I took some rest and i started looking at the walls as always. The marvelous and luxurious tapistries on the walls remined me the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I started admiring them and i ignored the TV on in the other room.

The time was running and i went to a tavern near by to eat something because restaurants and coffee shops were closed that time. I had a lot of fun listening the people around me singing and drinking beer old Austrian tunes. I was fantastic and
the good old times there are still very alive.

Time to leave and get to the hotel because in the morning i had a lot to do. That's exactly it happened. Suddenly i opened my eyes and i thought it was still night so heavy sleep!!! From the next building piano tunes were rushing in my room. Nobody can imagine my feelings because i play piano too and i adore it. I remained on my bed to listen to the pianist and it was already 7.30 in the morning. Fabulus notes were dancing into my room and in my ears. What a great waking up!!!

From that time and on i was asking for the same room and i was given it and it was like expecting for my presence.

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