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Arriving at Kristiansand another marvelous nature was expecting me there. I reached my hotel and as always Norway and its people wellcome me. I settle down in my room
and i relaxed a bit looking from my window the spectacular view of the sea.

Kristiansand was the first town that Cristianity entered after the Vickings decision to
leave King Olav the 1st govern the country and to leave their ships and piracy or commerce in his hands. That was the reason for its name Kristiansand because the 1st
Cristians were baptised in this city.

The city used to be pretty tradional keeping all its customs and fishing was the main
income of the inhabitants but during the war and because of its stratigic place this
marvrlous place was all bombarded and now it has turned to be pretty touristic one. Anyhow i adored the city because it offered me nice living there and most of all everybody who visited it remained satisfied.

The modern way of living now is leading Kristiansand and anybody can admire the modern hotels getting married to the traditional houses - always wooden - as it happens in all the country.

During the night i got into a nice club to drink something and to dance. Surprisingly the first person i met and i didn't expect to was Yves a French friend married now with 2 marvelous kids who was there for business and luckily he went to the same club to have a drink.

My happiness meeting him after so many years - because we were friends from our 13 years old - was undiscribed. We sat down and under the loud music we discussed about recent and present times in our lives. He wasn't the small guy i knew but a gentleman now severe and family man. By having finished our drink we decided to go for a walk at the marvelous beach of the city.

I started admiring the city under the lights totally calm and full of tourists. Despite that it was a bit chilly next to the beach i was listening to whatever Yves was telling me. I also told him about my life too and in the end shaking hands and kissing each other we decided to go to our hotels and to meet each other again next day.

I was pretty satisfied from the 1st night in Kristiansand where i met a friend and i could communicate with him, so i went back to my hotel to get asleep and who knew what next day would bring?

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