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When i was still a college girl at the college of Iserlohn in Germany all the week was
running with studying and again studying without stop. But the system i had my life
was giving me time to do other things as well like playing golf, swimming at the pool,
visiting other places in my country, going to concerts and so on.

One day i learned that in Aachen 50km. from Iserlohn there'll be a performance by
Hungarian ballets and i decided to go there and follow it.

It was Saturday when i arrived in Aachen - very nice and traditional town as i remember it. At night i went to the local theater to watch the performane. I can't described it because the Hungarians dancers into their traditional outfits spread around all the theater joy and happiness. It was a real spectacular and fabulus performance but it ended with a lot of applause from the viewers and too many bravos.

With sad in my heart i left the place and i went to my hotel booked for two nights and i got asleep pretty happy because i didn't miss this performance.

In the morning i went down to have my breakfast and leave with sadness this wonderful town. When i put out my wallet from my bag i saw that only 5 marks - there was no Euro that period of time - existed in the main case of the wallet and i thought that in the other case there was money left but i didn't search it. I payed my breakfast and going to the station i reopened my wallet to search for my rest of the money money left because there was a hole in the corner of my wallet and my money opened wings flying to nowhere land.

At the moment i got despaired but it didn't last a lot because i decided - what a crazy idea - to get back by foot. That time i saw many heavy clouds on the sky something that predicted heavy rain. I ignored it and passing across the city's bridge i was found now crossing the endless bridge of the river Rhein.

The rain started and too heavy wind blowing made me tide my belt on the rivers' barriers and slowly walking. The bridge was moving when the tracks were riding across it but i remained stable in my decision - because youth doesn't care about anything.

Many cars stopped to take me and give a ride to my city but they were unaware about my city and as they were looking at the map to find it i couldn't wait and i was wishing them nice trip and i left them behind.

Finally, one young guy named Oswald stopped for good and persuaded me to get into his car to give me a ride up to the train station and then to reach Iserlohn. He asked why i did this crazy thing without concidering the consequences and the answer was that because of my hole in the wallet i lost all my money.

We reached the station and i had a precious silver ring big and sculpted i gave to him to remember me and for all this facilitation he gave me he said to keep the ring but i refused it. Shaking hands greeting him with a lot of thanks i got on the train going to my city. End good everything is good.

By Oswald i'll remember you for ever!!!!!!!!

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