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San Marino: rock tale

At an altitude of about 800 meters Photo, San Marino, Europe

"Size matters" - that such a thought arises when meeting and a detailed study of the vast expanses of Russia, with its impassable taiga of the Urals, the scorching sun Kalmyk steppes, the piercing wind of the northern seas and the beauty of Kamchatka volcanoes. Rate situated in the heart of Italy, a tiny republic of San Marino, even at the most detailed map - class is very dreary and the absolute degree is meaningless, because none of the directory would not give a hundredth part of the splendor of rocky mountains, resisting the appeal to the head of cloudless sky and barely veiled in a light haze of the Adriatic Sea.

The best (and only public) way to get a miniature of the state - a comfortable bus from the train station in Rimini, which runs every half hour or two. Tickets cost of round-trip "is about 10 euros, the duration does not exceed 40 minutes, during which you can fully enjoy not only the scenery of the foothills, but the leisurely life of local residents.

Those wishing to experience the full life of the oldest republic in the world recommend to leave the bus for a couple of stops before the final, when the road is just beginning to actively dodge up - here you can having strayed through the narrow streets, and the rest of the way done on a cable car. The main attractions are a miniature state at the top of Mount Titano at an altitude of 800 meters, where there are three royally beautiful fortress - La Rocca, Honor and Montale.

The complex of medieval fortifications and prisons (now - a museum) is so harmoniously blended into the landscape of these places that walks on them cause a real pleasure for connoisseurs of the historic monuments of architecture. Thrills adds the fact that many hundreds of years ago, the towers and walls served as protection against regular attacks on freedom of the descendants and followers of the founder of the Republic of Saint Marino.

Slowly climbing up the winding streets and cozy every second you can contemplate the degree of respect for the residents of San Marino in its long history - both private and municipal building in a perfectly pure state, but with their open terraces offering stunning views of the foothills, where life stopped as if the painting by Italian artist.

The road from the bus terminus to the first fortress takes no more than fifteen minutes, but here is not without surprises. On the whole route at short intervals are ... shopping for Russian-speaking population, offering a wide range of goods and clothing.

La Rocca is startling in its grandeur and architectural excellence. Situated on the edge of a cliff, the castle is a center of the first line of many kilometers of protective walls, threading through the mountain of Titan. In addition, La Rocca is also the most ancient fortress of San Marino - the beginning of its construction dates back to the 11 th century, that in no way affected its excellent condition.

Following the narrow path along the ramparts along the edge of the cliff can reach the second tower - an honor, not in the least inferior to the first in grace, but it is the tallest castle in the world. Perhaps, it offers the most breathtaking and memorable views of the neighborhood, and it is not wasting empty words to express emotions, you can simply enjoy the fact of their presence in this wonderful place.

The Third Tower (Montale), compared with the previous two did not cause so much interest among tourists, but to be honest - few reach it, because the castle is separated at a respectful distance. A small number of visitors and, consequently, trays, trouser press helped to keep this spirit of old times, when the approaches to it were carefully protected, and inside the tower, carved in the rock cave languished waiting for his fate to the prisoners and captives. For completeness, feeling it should be noted that on one side of the tower is protected by a steep cliff and on the other - a dense forest, therefore, to get there by other means is virtually impossible.

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