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TROLLS - BERGEN - NORWAY Photo, Bergen, Norway

Staying at the Thyssengold hotel at Bergen i rashed early in the morning at the room where the breakfast was that time serving. It was my first day at the hotel and i felt starving because of the trip the previous night and i wanted desparately to have something to eat.

Entering the room i saw a lot of people taking their breakfast and it was my turn to have mine. I started searching from place to place to find something good to eat and as a result in this rich kitchen there was everything. I fulled my plate and i was ready to sit down eyes were attracted by a bowl and out of curiocity i went there to see what existed in it.

Surprisingly i found out that there were fish in side it and as i love this kind of food i took some - not some but a lot of them and put them in my plate.

Sitting down and trying to eat them i got amazed becaus the smell and the kind of the Norvegian receipe wasn't known to me at all. They were tastefull and melting in the tongue. I believed that it was salmon fish but they were sardinen totally fresh and nice like jumping in my plate from the sea right that time. I ate them all and i promised myself to cook them when i'd be back home.

After having eaten a so rich breakfast i went to the fish market where a fisherman with eagerness and smilling gave me to try a bit of lobster which he had caught that morning. No comments. It was the best loabster i've ever eaten - because Norway is pretty famous for the best fish all over Europe and in the world.

If you visit Norway don't forget to try its fishes they are great and pretty clean but also tastefull indeed. So long Bergen i'll visit you again.

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