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Trafalgar Square, London Photo, London, England

London is my favourite city, so far. I can't imagine ever not loving it no matter how many other cities I get to visit during my lifetime. It all stems from an early love of the history of the U.K., London in particular. The pomp, the royalty, the events, all going back more than two millenia, I find it all fascinating. Modern London is very diverse, with many, many different things to see and do. When people say there's something there for pretty much everyone, they aren't lying.

This journal is going to be a central "bucket" for a round up and summary of my experiences in London. There will be general tips, summaries of what's in a few different areas that people don't think of as the top things to do in London, and some off the beaten track and lesser known things to do, mainly galleries and museums for the most part.

I'll include some of my reviews that were originally attached to other journals but won't to put every one of them here. There are also places and things I haven't seen/done yet but really would like to some day or places that have been recommended by friends in London. Those are described mainly from information gathered from websites or word of mouth. Since I am mainly a budget traveler, there are also descriptions of my experiences and thoughts on how to do London for less.

I've been to London nearly a dozen times to date and there is still a list of things I haven't managed to see/do and there's a second list of things that I have seen/done that I want to do again! In some cases, the initial visit was quite some time ago so an update is required. In other cases, I just enjoyed it so much, I want to do/see it again (or something similar). Most of my visits were only two to three days with two other visits lasting a week each.

My first visit was in 1993 as part of a tour of the U.K. and the next visit was in 1996, a few days spent here before a tour of Italy. Since 2000, I've managed to stay in London at least overnight nearly every year. (two airport hotel-only stays don't count.) I don't consider myself an expert on London by any means but I'm familiar enough with it to know the lay of the land and am able to answer questions when friends or co-workers are heading there. I've got a number of friends that live there, as well, so I always have someone to contact for answers to my own questions.

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