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Cadiz is a pearl of Spain.

Cathedral Photo, Cadiz, Spain

What is extraordinary luck - just in these days in Cadiz hosts the annual Festival Flamenco! The whole city lights, the streets are full of people, smiles, costumes, laughter, joy.
Cadiz - undoubtedly the pearl of Spain. Fortunately, not yet evaluated by mass tourism. The fortified town, from which went to Christopher Columbus in his second and fourth voyage, the city, which unsuccessfully stormed the British pirate Francis Drake.
Cadiz is situated on a peninsula, connected by a narrow sandy isthmus to the mainland. On the perimeter is surrounded by strong fortress walls, most of which goes to the Atlantic coast, and only a third of a mile on land. Walking through the intricacies of medieval streets - it is neither an incomparable pleasure. A gorgeous park with tropical vegetation, and powerful cathedrals and monumental palaces and monuments! I love this city at first sight, and leave this place was truly sorry.

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