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The ABCs of Deep Sea Fishing

Dinner Photo, Fernandina Beach, Florida

My coworkers and I decided to take a fishing trip off the coast of Fernandina Beach to catch some good, delicious fish to eat. Here is my story.

A Is For A Bright and Early Morning
To ensure that we got there on time, we had to get up early morning. I got up around 430am to take my dog out and ensure that I got breakfast for the long day of fishing I would have to do. Strangely but not surprisingly, I felt like a zombie walking the earth for no reason. It was still dark outside, so my mind was still in sleep mode. Some way, somehow I managed to stay up until the trip. Once my coworkers and I got together, we all got into our vehicles and headed out to fish. Fortunately, I carpooled and didn't have to drive, so I could sleep until we got up to Fernandina Beach.

B Is For Bait Catching
We arrived at our boat. We found two young captains that would help catch fish. They explained the safety rules while on the boat. Once they finished explained the safety rules, they set us out to the ocean. The morning sun was coming out and was beautiful. The ocean air cleared my lungs, and I love the breeze of the boat cutting through the ocean air. We rode the boat for more than 30 miles until we stopped to catch for some bait. I knew that the captains were quick at catching bait because of how fast that could catch them. It seemed that they were catching 100 baits per minute. My Gunnery Sergeant decided to try his hand at catching bait. Unfortunately for him, he was not too good at it. After catching the wrong bait and almost snagging one of the crew members, he was only able to catch a few bait. After we caught enough bait to fish, we decided to move to the fishing areas.

C Is For Catching Fish
After riding the boat for another 30 miles, we stopped at a certain spot in the ocean. The captains thought us how to use their rods to catch fish. Their explanation was simple. Once they set up are rods to catch fish, we started to fish. After five minutes of fishing, I caught my first first EVER. It was a small shark. The sharks in the ocean, as we were told by our captains, are easy to catch since they are bottom feeders. Once the fish was caught, the captains would take the fish and throw the fish back into the sea. After the first shark, I caught two more sharks. The first time catching shark was great; however, after the third and second one, I wanted to catch something else. My other coworkers catching other stuff that I wanted to catch.

D Is Drinking
It was a hot day, so drinking enough fluids was important. It was so hot that I was melting like M&Ms. We brought plenty of drinks.

E Is For Exercise and Eating Fish
One thing that deep sea fishing will give you is a chance to break a sweat. Even catching a shark is a tough job. My Master Sergeant, who caught a big kingfish, mentioned about how his arms were sore from fighting with the fish for almost 45 minutes. I know when I caught my first shark that I was sore and sweaty. After finish catching fishes, we caught six kingfish and one grouper. We made our way back to the port, so one of the captains could cut up our fishes to eat. I was very excited because I could easily tell that kingfish are delicious from the tender white meat. We left the port and went to our apartments to cook the fish. Boy, I was addicted to the fresh and cooked kingfish. Yum!

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