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Modena Cathedral  Photo, Modena, Italy

The image and likeness of the Roman walled cities Etruscan settlement Modena was rebuilt in 3 century BC Before our time, of course, nothing left - the majority of buildings 16-18 century. Modena is a modern mecca for those interested in cars. In the vicinity of this town are factories not only Ferrari, and Maserati, Bugatti and Lamborghini. In addition, the presentation of sports cars is 99% of it is in Modena on the Piazza Grande at the Palazzo Comunale. Are we able to pass by this town? Especially to go to him from Bologna 20-23 minutes.
From 1288 the Duke of Modena was ruled Ferrara, who built for themselves a huge and very beautiful Palazzo Ducale, situated on the Piazza Roma. From individual places on this area there are a palazzo del Musei, palazzo Santa Margherita and Palazzina dei Gardini publicci, as well as the church - St. Dominic and San Giorgio.
Church of St. Dominic - Romanesque church with a baroque facade, and extraordinarily beautiful interior: powerful columns of variegated marble, tiered chandeliers, lowered on chains close to the floor, large statues of saints, the dome, adorned with ... especially good altar of San Pietro 13th century, made masters of Verona. Once in the church there were people (ie us), from somewhere in the depths of a ... church crawled elderly priest and sat in the confessional booth with a book. Probably waiting for the arrogant tourists who dared to disturb poludremu will confess? Alas, we have not met his expectations ...
Buildings on the square in front of the church - a typically Mediterranean, with bright walls and transverse shutters. In the center - a monument to the unification of Italy - a slender female figure next to deliberately rude monument.
Church of San Giorgio - also with auxiliary Baroque facade of bright colors. Across the street from the cathedral - the church of Chiesa de la Madonna Communale del Voto 17 century. Inside, in addition to traditional decoration - paintings by contemporary authors, quite peaceful landscapes. Show is at the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua - a beautiful painting masters 17-18 age.
On the same side of the street - another church, but the farther we turned in an absolutely mysterious dingy, looks like a small fortress, and suddenly found themselves in the square surrounded by houses with stunning bright walls. Castel Maraldo belonged to a local lady who built directly into the house of a small church, where he was buried. The church was open, and we go there once, amazing - the walls decorated with green stone on the left of the entrance - the sarcophagus, which abandoned its tail as if a huge dragon ... whether it was a ship's rope, but before the sarcophagus - a tripod with candles ... but surprised us Not only that, but the fact that the church played music, loud, bravura, and alarming ...

And on the sunny area at this time is fair of organic products: honey, olive oil, red wine, some green. The smell of vegetables at once hungry. Brutally. Dine, with renewed energy to see the town further.
Nearby - The Church of St. Agostino, from a narrow alley, we came across her great wall. The side door, through which we entered there, was like a supermarket - she opened. This is the church see the first time. Inside - a richly decorated ceiling, lots of sculptures, and the right of the main entrance - a sculptural composition 16 century "The Burial of Christ". In the same building - the Palazzo del Museum.

And then we mindlessly strolling the sunny streets, take pictures beautiful houses and windows, look into whatever turns towards the church. Some go service, so we shy marking time on the threshold and gently camouflage the door. Some brazenly closed, but they have a lovely courtyards, which are also worth a look.

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