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Perth - Visiting Scotland

Perth was one of my stations going to visit the highlands. When i arrived at the city i didn't find so interesting like the other cities of Scotland. The only that impressed too much was the river which was passing all over the city and many sea sports were taking place there and it is full of bridges and on the barriers which separated and protect the civilians not to have an accident in the river it was all ornamented with flowers. I remember that i sat in front of the river admiring it and i had no mood to visit the Cathedral or the palace of Queen Victoria who was called the Virgin QUEEN. I only preferred to get a good coffee and sitting under the poor sun of Perth. In fact, it's a medieval city and not to nice for me. I only visited the Castle of Perth and nothing else because only this one attracted my attention. Then after my resting i left the city and i went ahead to see the highlands. Not many good - for me of course impressions because if one is tired cannot do many things like me that time, but others may find Perth identical for them because it's so peaceful and quiet may be that was the reason that i didn't like so much because as a kid of a city i preferred any noisy town or city but this specific city was too boring for me that time. Good luck in

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