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Belgium - OSTANDE (3)

Anybody probably knows that the Belgians and the Netherlanders first learn how to ride
their bikes and then then kids learn how to walk. Exactly the same happened to see with my own eyes when i was sitting to drink my coffee and in front of the store which was located exactly next to the coffee shop i saw bikes with seats for 2 until 8 persons - small ones. After some time whole families came rent the bikes and dads or moms were sitting at the behind seats and let their kids give them the ride only under their instructions. Others who came later rent the bikes for the kids and with no anxiety at all let them ride by themselves. You must also know that the streets in these countries are almost empty by cars and there's not traffic jam ever in order to get problems in which Park-in-lot to park your car or any thing like that. All of them are pretty easy towns and cities not noisy at all and invite every one to visit them and stay there. I think that you are going to have all the best impressions as i got so far and for good or bad take your bath suit bikini or whatever else in order to get some swimming in the North Seas. It's not like CALIFORNIA there but you are gonna enjoyed any away. Promise. I went again to OOSTANDE in order to relax and have a marvelous time there. Nice trip everybody.

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