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The previous time i wrote my first impressions by my arrival at Oostande and now i
come to share with you the rest of my trip there. The first night that i wanted to get some sleep it was really impossible because of the lot of seagulls that were coming to my window and i could not resist i went out to feed them. Then i had some easy and i got asleep but the next morning i started again my exploration of the city. It was great anyway but you must know that the Oostandians love most of all their LIGHTHOUSE because it's the symbol of the city until today. Sitting out of a coffee shop i started admire it too and then i went into another shop nearby and i bought one light candle from there with the LIGHTHOUSE and until today i have it to remind me of this wonderful city with the perfect streets aqnd pretty big ones and of the gentle inhabidants. Oostande has the nicest aquarium in all over Europe and i visited it. Really i got crazy with all the Nordic kinds of fishes that this aquarium includes. The shells that i found there drove me crazy totally mad because they are so rare ones that cannot meet them but only in the North Europe and some of them are already extincted. Another thing that i never met in all over Europe but only there and in Norway - were the different coffee shops where only people who were interested to get more and more knowglege went there having their beer or coffee served and study and when they finished they exchanged oppinions. It was so nice only to observe them and you wanted nothing else. I used to go to such a coffee shop and read about ALL SCANDINAVIAN countries and their history and it was an amazing experience. Do the same thing and next time we talk more about OOSTANDE.BY!

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