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Who Dat Nation

Mardi Gras 2010 Float Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Who Dat". It's the two words since 2009 that united and inspired everyone within the city of New Orleans and those on the Gulf Coast to believe in the Saints Football Team.

The Saints are the Champions of Super Bowl XLIV 2010, and have more than a dozen songs to encourage "the Boys". They made the artists of the Times Picayune sketch historic New Orleans radio host who passed away in 2005, Buddy DeLiberto, in a dress (like he promised if the Saints ever won). This is much different attire from the brown lunch bag he encouraged fans to wear when the Saints lost their games. Of course, some Louisiana historians believe the real reason why the Saints never won was because the Superdome and the New Orleans Shopping Arena was built over the Girod Street Cemetery, and some of the bodies were never moved. But New Orleans' prayers were answered: the Saints are World Champions. They gave the city hope for the better when Katrina tried her best to destroy that, and they gave us (or Tom Benson) the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

New Orleanians love to celebrate any occassion - and this was one of them. During the Super Bowl weekend in February, massive crowds gathered in the French Quarter to celebrate in the city (since we party much differently than those Floridians). Mardi Gras parades and their "Who Dat" theme was commonplace. The streets were bathed with black and gold. And after the Super Bowl on a Tuesday February 9th, there was another parade that was given (even if the Saints hadn't won) in the deep winter cold. Even now in the beginning of pre-season games, New Orleans is proud of their "Boys" and is excited about another season. So, if you're in New Orleans and someone tells you "Who Dat" with a toothy smile, they're not asking the name of the person you're with.

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