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Security at Bogotá El Dorado Airport

I know, after Sep 11 flying in a commercial plane has become more annoying because of the security before boarding, but in Bogotá they take it very seriously and stricter.

I'm used to fly so I know not to have sharp tools on my carry-on, to use a plastic bell buckle, put all my small stuff in my traveling vest, etc. but I was not prepared for El Dorado.

When you go to the counter of your airline, you are subjected to a small interrogation even before arriving at the counter, you have to be sure nobody messed with your luggage between the time you packaged it till the time you drop it at the counter, the questions are redundant just to make sure you understand the seriousness of the interrogation, the emphasis on no-liquids is made clear, etc. They put stickers in your passport, tag your luggage and then proceed to the regular check in.

When I arrived to the security check point they informed me that my paramedic shears (scissors with no sharp point) weren't allowed, in no other airport I have had this situation, but I reluctantly gave up, then they proceeded to ask me about my computer locking cable, the one you use to tie the laptop to a desk or a fixed object to prevent theft, well, they also informed me that it was highly prohibited due to the possibility that I would strangle somebody with the steel cable, this was also a shock for me as I have traveled on planes with that cable in my backpack for 10 years. Well, after saying good bye to my loyal tools I went inside the sterile area at the International section of the airport to find small areas where you would be subjected to a second luggage search and metal detector crossing. This time I had no problem but other passengers lost their recently purchased (at very high costs in the airport stores) gifts consisting on caramel candy or other stuff that was not allowed in the plane. Then, Why allow the stores to sell such stuff if you are not allowed to take them on the plane? Are you going to eat a whole jar of jelly or cajeta?

So, my only tip: be extra diligent when reading the forbidden items at El Dorado.

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