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Outside Paris

Definitely, Paris is magnificent and a lot of individuals find themselves unable and defenseless to budge beyond the border of this superb city – though it should be remembered that there are many places outside Paris that offer amazing experience. And one area in my mind is the beauty of Provence located in the south-west.

Aix-en-Provence is the provincial capital and deemed by many to be the most charming as well as the loveliest town in France, boasting its quaint streets and open squares. In every corner, there is a touch of the ‘past’ like the presence of old fountains and the sidewalks and the cafes which afford the busy tourists to relax and gaze at the passing crowd.

Going towards south-west is the Provencal region. And this place is one-of-a-kind. It is unique for its luscious aromas---the scent originating from the lavender fields all around. That said, one can only imagine the view and the sight being offered---wonderful! The flowers serve as the main ingredient for various perfume houses. Moreover, the mauve flowers are ubiquitously grown with the help of the warm sun and subtle wind which releases its wonderful scent in the air. It also brags a certain special light that was proven no less than the artist Van Gogh when he opted to paint there, particularly the in the area of Arles.

And speaking of the Arles much of the old world architecture still stand like the bullring that is actually being used. Definitely, this is an attractive town and its surrounding countryside is just as equally striking.

When one unwillingly leave Provence, one will without a doubt experience an intense longing to come back; but one can relax in the knowledge that Provence is always there, waiting for one’s next visit.

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