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My Travelogue: La Citta Eterna

This article is an attempt to present the ‘must see’ sights in La Citta Eterna from a visitor’s POV. The city that reared some of the most prominent characters the world has come to admire. Now, let me introduce to you, The Eternal City, Rome.

First stop, the Colosseum. This ancient structure was once home for thrilling competitions, inhumane entertainment, and theatrical presentations. Now, it survives as one of the thresholds that can take us back to a time where toga-clad individuals rule the land. One may say that the Colosseum has surpassed the wrath of time. I beg to differ. Deterioration and time walks hand in hand. And this treading is very much evident by the assault received by the interior walls. If asked to compare the interior and the exterior, I would say that the exterior frame is more remarkable. (Not to mention that seeing the exterior wall is free).

But if you do decide to buy a ticket to view the inside, I suggest that you stick around for a spectacular view of the sunset. Watching the sun bid adieu as it peeks through the eroding archways is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the ticket you purchased (to get in the Colosseum) that also serves as a ticket to the Palatine. So do not throw that ticket. That’s a two for one value.

Second stop, the Palatine Hill. I have to admit, we accidentally stumbled on Palatine Hill (simply because the line in the Colosseum was too long). However, it was not a let-down. Actually, it was a welcomed surprise. And for someone who inadvertently visited the place, this is one hidden gem. In this hill a number of imperial ruins will be seen, one example of this is the Flavian Palace. Relics and ruins are scattered all over the verdant fields and remarkable pathways. One more thing that makes Palatine special is its elevation. Its natural contour stages an impeccable view of the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.

Third stop, the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. This is what the locals call, the wedding cake. Plainly put, the edifice looks like it was stacked, like the layers in a wedding cake. Another name given by the locals is false teeth. Visually, the entire monument is glaringly white. If your surrounding structures are sharing various shades of brown, it is not hard to see why teeth became the perfect designation of such building. Anyway, this was built to challenge the enormity of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Close but it didn’t really steal the limelight from St. Peter’s Basilica. Today, it houses a military museum, a burial place, a huge bronze statue, and a wonderful view of the historic district or the Centro Storico. And it is free.

Forth stop, the Trevi Fountain. With all the fountains in Rome, this is the most dazzling. Yes, this is where you throw a coin. The fountain showcases Neptune and other figures which symbolize prosperity and health. Now, it has been said that if you toss a coin into the Trevi, you will find your way back to the Eternal City (and your wish granted). The wish-granted part is quite unlikely, though what have you got to lose? Right?

Fifth stop, the rest---meaning, the rest of the sights. Rome presents a hundred more column heads, a few more olden monuments, numerous eroding structures, and dozens more of awesome sights travelers would definitely want to see. Climb the hills, visit the Pantheon, have a break in the Roman forum. At night, return to the sights you have visited. Go see the Vatican and visit the Basilica. The list goes on. Savor a bite of panini, take pleasure in eating a gelato, sip authentic cappuccino.
Keep in mind, when in Rome, do what the Romans do.

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