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Graz My Short Story In Austria

I visited Austria quite a lot of times but the city which remained in my
mind - because i visited it pretty many times is GRAZ. i would say the
best about this city because its traditional and has a lot to shaw to any
one of us. Acity with its own ID and one of the pride of the AUSTROHUNGGARIAN EMPIRE. One can visit the war museum with the famous outfits of the soldiers during the MEDIEVAL PERIOD or to visit the famous TOWER CLOCK - taking the small
air train which leads there to admire the view of all over the city and to enjoy his vienoua kaffee. You can also - if you are a gambler - play
roulette at the famous CASINO which exists in the city and then to
buy leather jackets, coats, pants or whatever else you desire in cheap prices. If you want to get out at night you are gonna fine great taverns which serve huge plates of sausages or any kind of food you will choose by looking at them through the glasses being ready to be served. Do not forget also - if you get enough money to stay at the
ERZERZOG HOTEL which will remid you how great this empire was and you are gonna get all the comforts you are going to demand.
HERR ERZERZOG was the builder of the city during the times of the empire and the luxurius hotel took its name. When you are gonna arrive in Wien it is a lot better to get the train to GRAZ in order to admire the marvelous nature of Austria. Graz is found inthe last part of the country in the state of STERIA. Another unforgetable fact for
anybody is to visit the school with the DANCING HORSES which saved the city and all over Austria by the American occupation or the English ones - but not from the German. These horses can dance
incredibly all the classical tunes they hear in an admirable rythm. Buy guys another story of mine and i get a lot next time. Great trip to Graz.

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