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Why I Loved Brugge

One of my best destinations was Brugge that remained unforgetable in my mind so far. The way of living of the people, the peacefuness
the water channels, the first beer house in all over Belgium, the gold
house, the Vikings milles which are only three now and not 28 as they
used to be before because the rest were destroyed by invadors in the
city. I also tried the marvelous frit potatoes with too much mayonaise
because by my arrival i was starving and only the bar of the hotel was
opened. I do not speak THE FLEMISH language but i heard all the history of Brugge by our guide taking a ride with a small boat and i immediatelly understood that Flemish languge has its roots from German and French words. On the other side if you have a family or
you want to spend your honeymoon in Belgium do not forget this great
city because it spreads a magic all over and it is close to Amsterdam
in Netherlands. Follow my advice and admire the marvelous architecture of this dolly city and you are gonna give me right for that
and do not forget that the Bruggers speak pretty good English instead
of French. Bon voyage guys to Belgium and then to BRUGGE.

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