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Paris at the Pombindou Center Under 45 Degrees C

It was not the first time when i visited Paris - because it is one of my
favorite cities in Europe - and i decided 7 years ago to visit it again
taking a flight from Berlin. In Germany that month - August as i remember the temperature reached the 28C. By my arrival at the airport i felt that i was in the middle of the SAHARA. I immediatelly understood that something was not going well. Taking the taxi i asked the taxi driver why it felt so hot and the answer was not to be anxious
because the heat wave was already in the end. On the contrary, the
heat wave had already started - i was so lucky that time, what a kidding and joke. Every morning i used to ask the receptionist about
the temperature but everything for him was OK!!!??? One of the following mornings and as i am fearless by my nature, i thought to visit again the POMBINDOU CENTER and i took the METRO to get there. 10 in the morning and in front of the center it was unbearable awfull
because the cement in front of the yard was boiling and the chairs were burning, the same with the streets, the stores without airconditioning and the rest. You can imagine now if you have strong imagination how i was feeling all the time but i did not say not even a single word. Proceeding i went except of the center, walking always after the center, to buy a CD of EDITH PIAPH who is one of my favorite singers of France, still. I did it and then i walked again until the METRO STATION getting fried, i bought a new hat, sun glasses and i returned to my hotel.FRIED OR ROASTED CALL IT as you want. When i got back to Germany i watched at the news that because of this heat waves 10.000 French people died. Sad story but true.About you now, do not hasitate if you travel during the summer to Paris because the French have airconditionning everywhere any more. It was time. BONJOUR PARIS.

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