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A Rooster, Cat, and Dog on a Donkey?

Bremen musicians  Photo, Bremen, Germany

Bremen is located in the northwestern part of Germany. It is very rainy. It rains pretty much everyday, but the rain does not stick around for long, it come sin small bursts. Bremen is an independent Municipality so they have their own government and laws.

We traveled to the center of Bremen on our first day, a very quaint place with many shops and strong manly architecture. You get a real sense of community here. Most streets are cobblestone, making them glisten in the sun when wet (which is usually.) The center is full of little shops and cute statues. Almost every store sells "the four Bremen musicians" merchandise. This is an old folktale about a donkey getting too old for his master and setting off on the road to Bremen to become a musician. On his way he picks up an old dog, cat and cock, and they merrily travel into town together to play music. On the way they scare off some burglars from a farm, acquiring respect. Most depictions have them stacked on top of each other or with various instruments.
The center is also home to many fine beer breweries. In fact, the famous Becks is from Bremen. These breweries range from big shot beck to small town original brews, and are always accompanied by a restaurant. I have to say, you can't really get anything but schnitzel here, not that I'm complaining. One that sticks out in my mind had their chandeliers adorned with old fashioned wooden puppets, and huge barrels lining the walls.

The day after my cousin took me out "clubbing" for my first time. We met up with her friends in their apartment. One thing I noticed was how deep all the elevators are, which was done for bikers. Just like in Amsterdam, everyone bikes here, and if anyone owns a car it’ll be a Mercedes or BMW. This includes the taxis.

I made some bad choices that night…beer, wine, vodka and absinthe all together…this only hurt me the next day thankfully. They took me to an insane three story German club, the likes of which I’ve never seen since. It was very busy and played a different type of music on every level (there were three in all.) The crowd was very respectful and was very into their dancing. My friends informed me that many fights break out on this sort of scene, and several different gangs occupy the premises. So if you go out on, do not pick a fight with anyone as they are likely to have five friends just around the corner to avenge them.

There were also many Russian clubs in this area, which were just as popular. Bremen contains an incredible amount of Russian Germans making it a nice place for Russian immigrants. My family’s Jewish friends moved to Bremen from Russia, which was done quite easily because Germany had been accepting Jewish people with eagerness at that time because of what occurred during world war two.

The rest of my trip consisted of me eating blackberries and going to the beach. There are several lovely little beaches in Bremen, surrounded by adorable rural communities. Many children come here and play, swinging from the trees into the water. Another favorite activity of mine was to visit the food markets. There markets are lavish with different local produce, and you can buy eggs that are still covered with hen feathers! Overall, Bremen is a lovely place in Germany, where one can quickly feel at home. I don’t recommend it for city dwellers, as it won’t impress you with high-class restaurants or large building, art and music scene. I saw it very much as a community city, for laid back, small town people.

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