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Crazy Weather!

Sun Setting Over The Soccer Fields Photo, Kansas City, Kansas

Several in our group did not make it to Kansas for the US Youth Soccer Association's (USYSA's) National Championships and Annual Membership Meeting due to severe weather and rains in Milwaukee. The flooding was disastrous making for very challenging travel. Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee was closed until 2:00pm due to the flood waters. I arrived the day before so I was ok, but to watch them using snow plows and blowers to clear the runways of the high water on the national news as a bit too surreal.

Once in Kansas, it was sweltering hot and humid. The athletes had to be very careful to hydrate so as to not fall ill to heat stroke. During the week, games had water breaks throughout to keep the players well. When I arrived at 5:00pm it was 98 degrees and I heard that evening that the heat index was 115 at 9:00pm. YIKES!

Saturday saw late afternoon thunderboomers with very vivid lightning. The championship games scheduled for that evening were delayed up to 90 minutes for the storms to pass through. Once the storms had ended, the skies were such a sight as the sun set behind the storm front. The games were all played under the lights without incident. Congrats to USYSA for a fantastic event!

Sunday was my departure day and I was so happy to see sunny, clear skies as the sun rose . . . and throughout my travel day. My flight was from Kansas City to Minneapolis, where the weather was equally beautiful. The skies were clear for the entire flight that pretty much followed I35 north, a drive I was very familiar with from our time living in Ames, IA. The farms and lakes below were visible for the entire flight.

Once in Minneapolis, I was connecting for my flight home to Milwaukee. From the skies approaching from the west from Madison, it was remarkable to see all of the standing water and what appeared to be creeks and rivers way over their banks. Flying over Muskego, I saw the Muskego Golf Course that looked to be completely under water.

It was very tragic to drive into my neighborhood and see all of the personal belongings out on the curb waiting pick up from homes that had flooded basements. People lost a lot of personal property during this unexpected flood storm. Hopefully the Federal Government and FEMA will help those who lost so much.

It's summer . . . and the weather's crazy!

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