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Venice -City of Romance

Gondolas docked waiting for patrons Photo, Venice, Italy

The five of us landed in Venice a day early before we were to embark on the Ruby Princess (Princess Cruise Line) for a 12 day tour of the Mediterannean. Fortunately we were met at the airport by my brother-in-law's nephew and family who live outside Venice. How welcoming it was to have someone who knew the place take us around our first day- it was truly special! I immediately fell head over heels in love with Venice- the canals, the gondolas, the restaurants, the shops, the food, the wine... did I mention the scenery? It was all intoxicating and I was not at all disappointed when the cruise line called and said we would have an EXTRA day in Venice since they were cancelling the stop in Athens the next day (due to riots that closed museums, etc...). I was sorry to miss Athens but delighted to stay an extra day in this heavenly city. I missed my husband terribly and called first chance I got to tell him what a fabulous place this was. I vow to come back with him in tow. My pictures capture the place more than any words I can express...

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