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Day Three

Today was so-ooo fun! We all took a sky tram up to "High Camp" where the 1959 winter Olympics were held. The view was gorgeous. There was the scenic green meadow below where our hotel was located at and not to far of a distance away, Lake Tahoe sparkled.
We looked around at the olympic items they had to show off like old newspaper articles, a winners silver cup, and even the ice skates & skis used during the games. We even got to see a cool video that showed the opening ceremonies and the skiing and skating competitions that went on during 1959 winter games they had there.
Afterwards we all started on a beautiful and fun hike down this almost 9000 foot high mountain. Mom and Dad had to get help with the way down from a passing truck though (they aren't used to hiking like we are). Daniel and I however continued all the way down even seeing a couple of cute marmots (similar to a huge hamster). Once we got back we had a fun barbeque, hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner. Then ending the evening with a nice relaxing dip in the spa before we turned in.

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