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Side Trip to Procida

marina at Procida Photo, Ischia, Italy

One afternoon during our week stay in Ischia we decided to take a small trip to the neighboring island of Procida. After just about 15 minutes on the ferry we'd arrived at Marina Grande and took off on foot to explore the small fishing village of Corricella. One of the inspirations to visit this island was to find locations from the film, "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Here is where most of the in-town scenes were shot.

Besides finding most of the film locations around the Piazza dei Martiri and Via del Rocco, it was enjoyable just walking around the pastel buildings and small little streets. We hardly passed many people walking around, much less any vehicles. It was the sleepy part of the afternoon, and sometimes as we walked through narrow alleyways I felt like we were the only people there.

When we made it to the other shore line, we wandered on the dock area where so many small fishing boats were almost piled on top of each other. Sailing ropes and fishing nets spilled out on the stone walkway, and the expansive convent Abbazia di San Michelesat on the hill looking down on us. We found a quiet seat outside of the restaurant "La Locanda del Postino" (which is aptly named as it was one of the filming locations for the Italian movie "Il Postino"), and enjoyed a mid-afternoon snack.

The owner of the cafe was very friendly, and a couple locals struck up some conversation with us while we ate a pastry and drank a caffe. A little bit later we headed back towards the marina and in order to dodge the small rain showers we popped inside a couple other cafes.

Overall, Procida is a quaint little town, but after just a few hours, I was ready to go back to Ischia. But if you're staying in Ischia, it's a great side trip, and quite easy to reach by ferry.

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