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In Segovia, we rode on the train type Regional. The tickets were free seats, so I had to take place for such a long way. With the approach to Segovia kinds of windows wonderful - mountain peaks covered with snow, green valleys against the backdrop of the same white tops. Around the station, we asked an elderly Spaniard, how to get to the Plaza Mayor, to say something in Spanish, in parallel on the map showing the routes of buses, we decided to go outside Conde Sepulveda, rises. 10-15 minutes later a rapid pace, we reached a pointer to the aqueduct.
Approaching the Plaza del Azoguejo we opened view of the aqueduct - a breathtaking view. A huge ancient structure near the small model houses in Spain. After admiring the beautiful views of the aqueduct from the bottom, top, side, we went on. By the way, this area also has an information center.
Our next point was the Alcazar. Along the way we beheld the church of San Martín and the Cathedral. Guide to major attractions - Alcazar. Be sure to buy a ticket «Completa» for 6 euros per person., Which allows to visit the tower itself Alcazar (separately visit the Alcázar is 4 euros).
There were the old city, having a lot of impressions and hungry, we stopped for dinner in Restanrante «LaZaro», near the Plaza Mayor. Since Spain is famous for its piglets (this also shows a large number of carcasses of pigs in the windows of restaurants and toy pigs in the souvenir shops), it was impossible not to try this delicacy. mmm ... Yum.

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