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Waterfront Stroll

Il Fungo rock Photo, Ischia, Italy

A beautiful way to experience the coastline of Ischia is to take the iconic Italian evening "passegiata" (stroll). With many stretches of road along the water's edge, it's easy to enjoy the Mediterranean, especially beautiful at sunset.

We stayed in the town of Ischia Ponte, so from there we walked north to the larger sister town of Ischia Porto. The walk to Porto is through pedestrian-only avenues full of cafes and shops. If you want, take a small detour and head one block each towards the sea. Here you're bound to find a few open parks which overlook to the ocean.

From the main square in Ischia Porto, we hopped on one of the buses and rode about 10 minutes further north to the next town of Casamicciola Terme. Here, you'll find a lovely park at the harbor. This town is home to some of the island's most famous thermal springs. Spend a little bit of time at the marina here, grab a "lemon spritzer" to cool off, then start on the beautiful walk up the oceanfront sidewalk to the next town.

At just under 2 km the walk between Casamicciola Terme and Lacco Ameno isn't far at all, and with the view from the raised sidewalk looking north towards the cliffs of Lacco Ameno, the walk couldn't be more pretty. This is one of the popular stretches on the island for joggers, so you're bound to pass a few on your stroll.

We actually took this walk by accident - but it ended up to be a happy accident indeed. (We thought we'd exited the bus in Lacco Ameno's marina, but it ended up being Casamicciola. So, instead of waiting another 20 minutes for the next bus, we saw a lot of people walking along the sidewalk and decided to follow them instead. It was nice being able to see the cliffs ahead of us and the marina of Lacco Ameno being to come into view.

You'll know you've reached the heart of Lacco Ameno's harbor when you see a mushroom-shaped rock rising out of the sea near the many boats parked at the marina. "Il Fungo" (the mushroom), is a volcanic rock formation very popular with the photographers. Across the street from this, is another open park area and plenty of cafes to enjoy a before-dinner drink or a full aperitivo. We ended up enjoying a glass of "rucolino" the regional arugula-flavored liqueur and then went for a dinner at the Pizzeria Sirenella.

It was a lovely evening, made even better by the waterfront walk.

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