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beach club in Ischia Photo, Ischia, Italy

With 34 km worth of coastlines, and the majority of the island's villages sitting alongside the shoreline, it's hard not to be in view of the Mediterranean at all times. The beaches are varied from sandy and powdery to pebbly and rocky. Some parts of the coastline are sheer cliffs dropping straight down into the water, while others offer spacious sand. There are plenty of private areas to explore, and caves are often found by boaters against the rocky walls.

A few of the days we were there, we checked out a handful of different coastlines. Our first full day we walked around the shoreline in Ischia Ponte where we were staying and admired all the striped buildings of the private beach "clubs". This is a very common idea in Italy (and is very different from any beach experience I've had in the States), where the majority of the known beaches are private instead of the open public spaces. Normally, the beach guests pay a daily fee for entrance to the protected beach area of a specific club. With the fee comes a private area with beach chairs and umbrella, and most "clubs" have bathrooms, showers, and changing areas as well as an open-air snack bar.

Besides the fact that most all of the clubs were decorated in bold stripe patterns which I loved, it was so interesting seeing all the textures from the small fishing boats pulled on to the shore. It was still early in the day (and a bit overcast) when we initially checked out the beach near our hotel, so it was a good juxtaposition to see it quite still and empty contrasted with later in the day when it warmed up and bodies filled the beach chairs.

Of the other times we've spent on Italian beaches, we've just visited public spaces, but it was really nice this time to try out a private beach. Our hotel had a deal with "Bango Mario" for a small discount on the daily fee. I do think that it's completely worth the 7€ fee to have the sand raked and cleaned through the day, chairs set up for you, and facilities close at hand. When we arrived the attendant escorted us to our chairs and opened the umbrella. Although we live on the ocean, it's still nice to be in completely different scenery - and every time I opened my eyes and saw the Castello Aragonese just off-shore I smiled.

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