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Asian Food Courts

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I must confess to having a weakness for Asian food. I could eat Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese every day. That is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting Sydney because that city has some of the best Asian food courts in Australia. The best collections are in and around Chinatown.

Sussex Centre Food court is located in the heart of Chinatown. The food court hosts some extremely cheap but authentic Asian food. The food is quick and prices are below $10 for a main meal. Vendors battle for your business so there are some real bargains to be had! Cuisines on offer are Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Nepalese, Thai and Korean. If you’re looking to save money, how about A$8.00 for Beef with egg fried rice and soup or Beef in black bean sauce with boiled rice and soup.

Dixon House Food Court one street west is also great. It is a very similar sort of thing, hidden below street level. There are plenty of choices here but don't miss the fresh sugarcane juice pressed from the raw cane. For a hotpot on a budget or a simple stir fry, you'll get your fill for less than A$10.00. There's also another stall that does Asian desserts: tapioca pearls, creamy jelly, basil seeds and strange milk drinks. Then there is Eating World, though this does not have the same number of eateries.

Another alternative is the Market City food court where the choice is between Asagao (Japanese and Korean, Flavour of North India, Happy Chef seafood noodles, MC Golden Tower (Chinese and Cambodian), MC Lucksa (Malaysian and Singaporean), Mr Ramen, Shanghai Tang, So Tasty seafood, Star Kebabs, Super Chef BBQ (Cantonese), Thai Thai, and Top Choice (Hot pot and sizzling).

There are a few other places that have some of our favourites. Din Tai Fung (Tel: 92646010) is best for soup filled dumplings. These dumplings are world famous and the pork and shrimp ones are sensational too. The Bagel House (Tel: 9810 4205) is best for: blueberry bagel and cream cheese, if you want to break the Asian habit. Back to the Asian choices Ichi Ban Boshi (Tel: 92627677) is best for Tokyo ramen that rich broth, slippery noodles, and thin slices of roast pork. Take a number, and share a table for quicker service. Sayong Curry and Laksa (303 Pitt St.) is best for fried koay teow, the flat rice noodles stir fried with bits of chicken, fish cake, prawns and dark soy.

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