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Interactive Fountains and More

interactive fountains Photo, Ocean City, Maryland

Sunset Island has more than just places to stay. There is an interactive fountain in the center of the island. The water attracts children of all ages and invites them to splash and dance around. They are turned off each day from 4 to 6 PM - just enough time to get back to the condo and eat dinner. Then it is back to the fountains with a stop at the General Store for some ice cream.

There are also three beaches on the island. All are accessable by the walking path that surrounds the residence area. The largest beach is just behind the pool area on the west side of the island. It is not guarded but is very shallow so that the children can wade around. The other two beaches are on the north side of the island and are much smaller. One has rocks around it and the other is open to the bay. Both are shallow and some of the bottom is muddy. Beware of the baby crabs that like the warm water. They don't hurt since their pincers are quite small, but it can surprise you if you feel one underfoot. You can also launch your inflatable boats and canoes from the smaller beaches and explore the backwater area of the bay.

The pool is on the west side of the island next to the bay. It is a zero entry pool that goes to 5 foot deep. Children younger than 2 years are not allowed in the main pool - they must use the baby pool and wear plastic pants over the swimmie diaper. Inflatables are not allowed in the main pool - only foam noodles and life guard approved swim vests. There is a heated pool inside the clubhouse that is next to the main pool. They also have a snack bar inside that will serve you while you watch the kids in the pool. The servers are very efficient and cater to the children.

A fishing/crabbing pier is on the northwest corner of the island. It stretches over the shallow water into the bay and provides a place to fish for flounder and set a crab line or two. Wait for high tide and the fishing should be more productive.

The island is flat, like all of Ocean City, so biking is an easy and quick way to get around. You can walk 2 blocks to the ocean side beach. There is only one busy street to cross - be sure to use the crosswalk and wait for the light. The traffic is too heavy to risk your life for a few minutes wait.

Enjoy yourself in Ocean City. It will grow on you so that you will want to return again and again.

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