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Dunmore Town - Get a Golf Cart!

Dunmore Town from Bo Hengy Ferry Photo, Bahamas, Caribbean

Harbour Island is a stretch of land merely 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Why visit? Well, the beach of course. But what about the town, you ask? Well, Dunmore Town is the only town on the island. Filled with quaint little houses that primarily line one or two streets, they are brightly colored aqua, pink, and yellow. White picket fences are covered by lovely green foliage with bright coral flowers. Is there anything to do in town? Well, not really. Why? Well, the beach, of course. Why travel two hours by ferry to not spend every moment you can on the most beautiful stretch of perfect coral sand (more on that in the next post)?

We did explore the island and here is what we found:

The Lone Tree - on the bay side of the island is a petrified tree out in the middle of a white plot of sand. When the tides are in, the bay fills with water and the tree appears to be floating in the ocean. When the tide is out, you can walk on the sand and sit on the tree. It is a good photo opportunity and worth a quick look.

The Sign Guy - within the town is a yard with countless signs containing many interesting quotes and thoughts. For a small fee, you can add a sign to his yard. Hey - you've gotta make a living somehow, right?

Golf Carts - So, the island is so small, the best mode of transportation is the golf cart. You can rent one immediately when you reach the dock or wait and book at your hotel. Although the island is small, this is a fun mode of transportation to get around town quickly. And quick is best - the quicker you go, the sooner you can return to that perfect stretch of pink sand beach!

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