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Two Outstanding Breakfast Choices

Sunrise Family Restaurant Photo, Appleton, Wisconsin

If you're going to be in Appleton, there are a couple of breakfast choices I want to make sure folks know about. They are conveniently located on Richmond Street, about a block apart and another block further from a third place that I hear is good, but didn't have the opportunity to dine there on this most recent trip. Maybe next time.

Sunrise Family Restaurant was my choice for my first breakfast on the way to the soccer complex. I stopped there, a bit concerned that at 7:00am, there was only one car in the lot but I didn't let that deter me. After all, it was a Saturday and I too would have rather still been home in bed.

They had a full menu including waffles, pancakes, skillets and french toast. They also had your standard egg dishes, so I kept it simple with scrambled eggs. I rarely eat bacon in restaurants, but having seen an order go by my table, I couldn't pass it up. I wasn't disappointed.

Accompanied with potatoes and a biscuit, my meal was complete at about $6.00 (no coffee or tea for me).

The quality of my meal was outstanding. I think the plate was less than 30 seconds off the grill, as everything came out piping hot. And that bacon, great flavor and perfectly grilled. Not fatty or greasy. How can that be?

They promote their fresh bakery products and the case as you enter is very inviting. As much as I would have loved taking an apple turnover with me for later in the day, I took a pass this time.

The next morning I stopped in at the Golden Basket for breakfast. As I entered, it reminded me of all of the Greek diners we have in the Milwaukee area. Some of our most favorite breakfast spots are in these diners. If you leave hungry, it's your own fault.

For my breakfast on day two, I stayed with the eggs theme and added "a sausage patty". All egg dishes come with hash browns and toast, so that was my meal.

About that sausage patty, you will have to look at the photo to believe how large it was when I tell you it was the size of a McDonald's hamburger patty. While that may not really be saying much, suffice to say it was big for sausage . . . with outstanding flavor.

My breakfast on this morning was under $5.00. I couldn't believe it.

Both of these restaurants are open throughout the day and offer lunch and dinner selections. Prices in the menus were much like what my breakfast experiences were. I do not think you can go wrong in choosing either place for any meal.

Sunrise Family Restaurant
2025 N. Richmond Street
Appleton, WI

Golden Basket Restaurant
1932 N. Richmond Street
Appleton, WI

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