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A Tiny Town Near the Most Charismatic Skies

Photo of Ravello, Italy

Ravello is also worthy of special attention, but before he has to go on two buses, but of course he is worth it. Prior to the Amalfi hour and a half on an exotic road among the rocks and then another 30 minutes uphill to the second bus. Down can come down, taking a taxi is a quick and cheap.
The whole city is intertwined streets, two squares and a couple of villas that's the very rare zest, for which is to travel here on several buses.
Although, honestly, except for villas, a town so full of rare originality, which makes it expressive and memorable! When I look pictures of Ravello, it was struck by how many different cute and expressive "pictures" instead of the small dot the mountain in Italy. Some lanes are inside churches in small tunnels - this we have not seen anywhere else.
A silence that bewitched us in a small monastery on the way to the villa Chimbrone simply indescribable. Monasteries in Campania at all surprising, the temple is usually surrounded by a courtyard with an arched colonnade, which houses exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, playing soft music and do not meet a soul ...
Between the museum villas streaming Lanes, among stone walls, which descend pinkish wavy flowers with a strong aroma.
Villa in Ravello smart and deserve a separate story. We were in two - and Rufollo Chimbrone.

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