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Cruising in April

Our deck Photo, Bermuda, North America

It is only fair that I tell you that cruising in April if you are leaving from the northeast is a dicey undertaking. We were lured by sinfully low prices, a free spa service and a balcony for a price we couldn't resist. Having said that, conditions at sea are far from idea.

We left from Port Liberty, New Jersey on the Explorer of the Seas. Port Liberty has parking right at the dock so it is very easy to leave your car there. For days we had been watching a storm work its way up the east coast and it seemed as if we were going to be running straight into it. The weather reports for Bermuda showed rain for both the days we would be there. With that information we decided not to purchase any excursions and just play it by ear, as it turned out that was a very good decision but more about that later.

First let me say, the Explorer is a beautiful ship, it is larger than our usual ship and we had minor adjustment problems but before long we were feeling quite at home on this big ship. This is the class that has the ice skating rink, can you imagine ice skating on a cruise, well imagine away. Not only that but there are ice shows that you can go and watch.

If you are afraid of rough seas, this would not have been the cruise for you. We however, take Bonine and for us, high seas make no difference. We got a few laughs as we staggered down the halls like a bunch of drunks. It was near impossible to get your sea legs.

It was so rough that the pools were closed and even had to be drained, the water was shooting straight up out of the pool, quite an interesting sight. At one point it was unclear whether or not the show would go on because it was dangerous for the dancers but they were real troupers. At other times the doors to the deck were closed because it was too dangerous to be out walking on them.

I hope I am not sounding like we had a bad time because how could we be on a cruise and have a bad time. We had a great time. One thing that we found out was that all the rocking of the ship made us very sleepy and we slept way too much and deeply. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing but this is the first midnight buffet that we have ever missed. We arrived back well rested from vacation.

This was the first time we have ever had a balcony room and I loved it. The room was large and had a sofa and the balcony was adorable with a little table and two chairs. These came in very handy since the man we booked our cruise through had chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room. Our cruise was off to a very good start.

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