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We're Leaving. The Sun Comes Out!

Copenhagen has lovely cobbled squares Photo, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s nice to see the sun today but annoying too as it’s our last day. We had breakfast at Klimt, ordering eggs and pancakes from the "side orders" menu. It was great! Still, Graham asked for nothing green whatsoever to be on his plate, no salad, no tomato. But the chef couldn’t help himself, it seemed, and there were a few green chives sprinkled on the eggs!

We had thought about the Copenhagen city museum but since Dave was expecting to meet up with us about mid day there really wasn’t the time. Instead we walked through the section of the city near the Stroget shopping area but avoided that particular street and all it’s people. We first went to find Trille’s shop again to see the inside of it. We had coffees there while waiting for Dave and Matt and then spent a few hours wandering around the narrow old streets of the Latin Quarter, exploring the sunny squares and peeking in the shop windows (and me taking lots of pictures of course!)

It was so nice just to enjoy the sunshine though it still wasn’t overly warm. We had a coffee again in another café called Jazz Café and I managed to find a courtyard lined with some of the oldest wooden houses in Copenhagen. I had seen reference to this on a Rick Steves travel show and hoped I would find it. The brightly coloured houses are so much nicer under blue skies! The houses were all and half timbered but yellow and orange and red!

We made our way back in the general direction of the hotel and there Dave and Matt left us. We decided to find somewhere for lunch and found a little sandwich shop that used bagels for their bread. It was ok, enough to get us through. We checked out of the hotel and ordered a taxi to the airport, no messing around with the metro and hauling bags around. It wasn’t cheap, about 270 dkk to the airport but that was still cheaper than I expected and not really an outrageous amount. It wasn’t that far off what I’d pay for a taxi to the airport at home really.

We got checked in at one of the kiosks and went straight to security where I buzzed the xray machine. I dunno, that happens sometimes and the only thing I can think of is my underwire bra because my rings don’t usually do the trick.

The airport is quite nice. The shopping area has all lovely wood floors and a modern design. I found some things in an outlet of the posh department store, Illum, a bowl, and a cup and saucer set. We went and found some coffee for a set before we had to find the gate. We got to the gate in plenty of time and then they changed it at the last minute so there was a bit of a rush and a re-check through to get to the new one. Luckily it wasn’t too far away.

So much for the sunshine. We left that behind in Copenhagen. Manchester is grey and grim again! Ah well. We got the hire car and stopped in to Asda on the way home to stock up the larder. Lots of photos and lots of memories of Copenhagen!!

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