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Will the Sun Come out Tomorrow?

Changing the guard, Amalienborg Photo, Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s another grey, damp day. Possibly slightly warmer but not a lot. We had lovely omelets for breakfast at Klimt but they still put piles of green s with an oil dressing on the plate as well. It’s all very pretty but I guess I’m not overly keen on salad for breakfast so it gets wasted I’m afraid. Graham is a bit less adventurous than me with food which can make it a challenge finding a restaurant in foreign parts and sometimes what we order is not what we expect. Though that night not be that bad, it’s really not always his taste and sometimes not mine either.

Anyway the omelets were yummy and filling. I’m still itching for a decent steeped cup of tea but I think that might be a lost cause. We’re off on the bus tour today, one of those Hop On Hop Off ones to get an overview of the city. We picked it up at Radhuspladsen and the ticket is good for today and tomorrow if we want to do some more of it then. They have three different routes. We went around the main route today.

We got round to where the other ubiquitous Copenhagen tourist icon is, the Little Mermaid. Normally this small statue sits on a rock out in the harbour about 10 feet from shore. Copenhagen is Hans Christian Andersen country and this is one of those stops that most of the tourists make to take photos. We wouldn’t have bothered but the bus stopped there. The thing is, the Mermaid statue is off on a tour of China so she’s not on her rock. At least I don’t think so. There’s a large video screen erected in front of it showing a live feed from China where you can see the Mermaid on her rock with Chinese tourists looking at her. Bizarre. And the weird thing is, people actually get off the bus and go look and take photos. Of the video screen. *shakes head*

We got off the bus by the Amalienborg palace square. This is a large cobbled square with four identical palaces on the sides. The Queen (Margrete II) lives in one and the Crown Prince lives in another. One is for visiting dignitaries. I’m sure other minor Royals probably live in the fourth one. The palaces date to the mid 18th century and there is a museum in one of the buildings where you can see the State rooms.

It is also used as a traffic roundabout so you have to watch yourself walking through it. The traffic is stopped every day at noon so they can have the Changing of the Guard. It’s not as spectacular and not nearly as much pomp and circumstance as the one in London but it’s more accessible, I think. You stand on the square around the allotted borders and boundaries, where several police keep an eye on the crowd. The guards only number about a dozen and a half. They march here from Christianborg Palace and do some to-ing and fro-ing around one of the palaces as they change shifts.

Since we got there just about that time, we stayed to watch some of it then wandered off one side of the square to the huge Marmorkirken, the Marble Church with it’s dome on top. It looks very large but isn’t as big inside as I expected, thinking something along the lines of St. Paul’s from London. The interior is elaborate with lovely plaster and decorations inside the dome. It was apparently begun in the mid 1700s but the budget ran dry and it was never completed for over 150 years so this church we see today is only a little over 100 years old but decorated in the Baroque style.

We walked back across the palace square through to a little park on the waterfront on the other side. You can see the new opera house across the harbour from here as the view goes straight through the square to the church. There’s a big fountain in the park so that makes for nice pictures with the Opera house or the church in the background.

From there, we needed the toilet so we walked towards Nyhavn which isn’t far but we spied a café that looked likely and stopped in there. It looked nice in side but definitely geared up for tourists as it had Danish flags up everywhere and they gave us a map and tourist information book for free too. Coffee was pricey at 40 dkk each but we did get a large carafe of it at least. Too bad we only wanted the one cup! It also looked as if the large central table was actually a pool or snooker table under it! Odd.

Unfortunately, that coffee stop meant we had missed the tour bus so we waited a half our for the next one. By that time, we decided to just go back to the start and take one of the other routes maybe tomorrow. We walked down the Stroget from the Radhuspladsen looking for somewhere to eat but not a lot appealed. We saw a café off to one side called Café Hollywood and went there. They do have a lunch buffet for about 70 dkk but we decided to have a club sandwich which turned out to be a mistake. It was on nice, fresh ciabatta bread but they drizzled oil over it which made it messy to hold. And the inside? A small piece of chicken and loads and loads of… yes… salad on the sandwich, also with an oil dressing and there was an orange coloured sauce on it as well which neither of us liked even after hauling out about half the greenery.

It was about mid afternoon and it turns out it was a good thing we didn’t eat much. We thought we weren’t meeting Dave and the others until at least 5 or later but it turns out he was on his way to meet us at 3ish! We got back to the hotel and Graham wanted to shave before we went out. I told him Dave would just have to wait! I went downstairs to wait with Dave and Matt while he did his thing and we walked back into the Latin Quarter to where Dave’s wife, Trille’s shop (UK) was. It’s a Goth clothing and accessory shop close to the Stroget. She’d already closed the shop so we didn’t get to see it then.

Their little boy Oliver was with them too and we walked towards the restaurant just a few blocks away with a side step to see some of the older buildings that I like so much.

The restaurant is called RizRaz and has a vegetarian buffet but also has meat choices as an add-on. You can get a skewer of 3 or 4 chunks of meat (beef, lamb, salmon, pork) with a spice baked in for an extra 30 dkk if you have the buffet and that seemed like a nice compromise. The salad bar was fresh and the hot items were tasty and the Danish beer washed it all down nicely. We ate early, about 4:15 so were done by 5. Trille was really nice and Oliver was a cute little fella, though kind of shy at first.

We walked to the Radhuspladsen where we were getting busses to various locations. The guys were off to the studio and Trille and Oliver took the bus I took as far as where I got off for the hotel. I got some more snacks as there was another 7/11 by the station. I took a few pics around the streets on the way back to the hotel and settled in for the evening, nice and warm. I rang my mum for a chat and had the wi-fi and my journal to keep me occupied. My feet will thank me for it! Graham got in about midnight I think. They had a good time doing the show, the four of them. Matt also does an internet radio show from the UK out of Birmingham so they all had combined audiences for this one, or will have once it’s edited and put online.

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