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Copenhagen National Museum Photo, Copenhagen, Denmark

Today we decided to go to the National Museum to find more Viking artifacts. First, though, brunch at Café Klimt. It was lovely, with eggs and sausage, fresh fruit, yogurt and some cold meat and cheese, again presented like it was something out of a food magazine. We’ll definitely come back for breakfast. They also do omelets and "side dishes" where you can build a more standard type of breakfast.

It’s another cold, chilly day. Very glad I had that hoodie to wear with my jacket as most of the tops I brought are only short sleeved. We took a bus to the town hall square. (Radhuspladsen) and took some photos of the building and square before looking for the museum which isn’t far from there. We walked down the street that is between the Radhus and Tivoli Gardens and around behind it over to the museum.

It’s a Natural History type museum, tracing the evolution of the culture of the area from prehistoric times up to the present. It’s a huge place and really too much to see all in one go. The nice thing is it’s a free museum so you could go back as many times as you wanted. We found the Stone age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Viking stuff particularly good. I don’t know what it is, though, you can walk for miles before you get sore feet and legs but an hour in a museum and you’re all but crippled up! We did take a break at the café where I had my first real Danish pastry! Yum! We saw about half of the museum and decided that was enough.

It was time to do a little shopping. On the way to finding the main shopping district, the Stroget, we came across Christianborg Palace so took a few pics on the grounds there. I think you can go in but we weren’t in the frame of mind for another museum.

Across the Frederiksholm canal that circles the castle complex. The island, Slotsholmen, is apparently where Bishop Absalon founded Copenhagen in 1160-67. This palace is the ceremonial seat of the Royal Family now and also where the Danish Parliament is. The palace that is here now is actually only about 100 years old but is the fourth one on that site.

A few blocks away, we stopped into a little shop below street level called the Secret Kitchen for a coffee then strolled along that street and over to the Stroget. The Stroget is actually five streets together that are all pedestrianized and lined with shops and department stores and food places. You can find things for any budget from bargain basement to designer gear. We were mainly after souvenirs so we didn’t get into the big shops like Royal Copenhagen or the department stores. We found what we wanted and picked up some snacks at the 7/11, caught a very crowded bus back to the hotel.

We tried to go out about 7:30 to get a bite to eat and we wanted to stay close to the hotel because Dave was coming later and we were supposed to go to the airport with him to pick up his brother, Matt, who is here for a couple of weeks holidays. It being Friday night, every place we went to was full if we didn’t have a reservation, which we didn’t. We went back to see if we could get a table at the restaurant in the hotel, La Rocca it’s called. They did have a table but were a bit snotty about it as we didn’t book.

It’s an Italian restaurant and quite a nice one, posher than I realized. They brought a dish of bread and a bottle of olive oil. No butter. No balsamic vinegar either. Graham was confused but I realized you are supposed to dip the butter in the olive oil which further horrified him. This could not bode well! We looked at the menu and I almost decided on the pizza but the ravioli sounded really nice. We both decided on that but when it came, though nicely arranged on the plate, was only 6 or 7 pieces! It tasted very good, what there was of it but each of us could cheerfully have polished off both plates of it. Graham was disconcerted to see the big plate and little meal and joked "where’s me chips?"

We weren’t impressed. The price, while seemingly not bad, ended u not a good value at all. It was 350 dkk for two orders and a glass of wine each for what was basically an appetizer. Now in Italy, pasta often is the appetizer on the menu so I suppose this was faithful to that concept. What really pissed us off was the arrival at the table next to us of the pizza. A huge dinnerplate sized pizza for one person! We would have been fine had we ordered that! We also felt rushed by the staff so paid up and came back to the hotel room and had some of the snacks we’d bought earlier to top up.

By the time Dave arrived at 9, I was finally warm and comfy though still a bit tired. It must have been obvious when we went downstairs when Dave came to get us and I got cold all over again going out the door. I felt bad backing out but they were fine, I let Graham go off to the airport and I snuggled down in the hotel room for the rest of the evening. It was kind of funny though, seeing long, tall Dave in his long black coat and black clothes standing in the fading light of day across the street from the hotel. He looked almost like… Graham added "Like a Vampire!" Yes!

I got a cup of tea from the hotel lounge and went back to the room to relax and write in my journal with the tv on for company. I’m looking forward to meeting Dave’s wife Trille tomorrow night when we all go out to dinner. It’s going to be similar weather again tomorrow and maybe Sunday. I hope the rain holds off until nighttime at least.

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