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Visiting My Father's Town

Tacuarembo - San Gregorio del Polanco Photo, Tacuarembo, Uruguay

My father was born and raised in Tacuarembo, when he was a teenegare, he came with his sisters to Montevideo, the capital city in search of a future. Fortunately they all did quite well, and found how to earn their living in Montevideo, and they did not have to go back to Tacuarembo.

However, many of their family members remained there so he likes coming back from time to time. It had been more than 10 years since he had been to Tacuarembo due to economic reasons... and he was always saying how much he liked the idea of going to his city once more!

My father’s birthday was getting closer so I had the brilliant idea of giving him the trip as a present. I was so happy with the idea! But, I couldn’t afford it all by myself (and my fiancé) so I talked to my brother to share expenses. My brother loved the idea too, and we loved it so much that we decided we should go all together no matter how much it was. We had to make an effort and use our credit cards to take my father to his city, and we had to be there to see his happiness in person.

It was not an easy trip to plan, we were six (my mum, dad, brother, sister in law, fiancé and I) so we did not fit in one car only… two cars impossible because my brother uses his car to work (school car) so if it broke during the trip he wouldn’t be able to work afterwards… and I had no car. Ughhh… what could we do?

We rented a van… a huge van, it was not cheap but it was perfect, we had room for every thing we wanted to take with us and we all travelled together and shared every minute of the lovely experience.

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