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A Horror Film Scene - Hermenegildo

Hermenegildo Photo, Hermenegildo, Brazil

To get to Hermenegildo you have to cross the Uruguayan border, go along 30 kilometres and then turn right into an unpaved road. After that you have to go along that road for another 30 kilometres; this road was full of wholes and had massive fields along the sides with cattle, horses, sheep…

There were no lights along the road (or it even could be called "path") and you had to go along many rustic hand-made bridges.

The road was ok, and we didn’t care about it at first… but one evening, after months of drought a storm broke out. Immediately, everything went dark and it started to pour, we decided to leave the house and go to the Uruguayan border to feel safe. We were afraid that this little unpaved road would give way after some time raining.

Once we were in Uruguay again, we felt safe. We looked for a restaurant to give us shelter for a while…

The storm didn’t want to cease… it kept on raining for ages and it was time for us to leave the restaurant. We were exhausted and we had been in the restaurant for too long. Our bellies were extremely satisfied and we had no room for anything else.

We started discussing… should we go back to our rented house or should we stay for a night in a hotel there?

After discussing it for some minutes we decided (not me really, I would have paid anything to stay there for the night) to head back to the house.

Rain was still heavy, we couldn’t see very well in the darkness along the route… we finally got to the unpaved road… there are no words to describe the scene.

Heavy rain, mud road, cattle everywhere and not a single light. It immediately came to my mind the typical horror film scene where a bunch of teenagers are in the middle of nowhere, in dark nights, looking for danger on purpose. I felt like one of those teenagers, the difference was that I was with my parents and my fiancé; we were supposedly four responsible adults! But we were still heading for danger.

When we were half way to the house, we saw some red lights on the road. It looked like an ambulance. How could it be? The closer we got, the more lights we saw. It was an accident; the lights were from the police officers trying to help a car which had fallen from one of the bridges. The scene was horrible; we didn’t stop to help because we were not allowed to, but we were seriously shocked by the scene.

We finally got to the house safe and sound but that was a night difficult to forget. Fortunately we can laugh at it.

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